Works on Paper

With the use of a range of media and materials, these works on paper document in one way or another, relationships to earth, water or sky.

Works on paper include lithographic prints of topographical maps, imprinted with kiss marks by visitors to one of my interactive exhibitions. Through the process of chine collé, these were layered on top of hand painted papers.

Other works on paper are a series of sky drawings made from the roof top of my studio building. Each time, I followed a cloud formation as it moved across the sky. Invariably an airplane would appear, high in the sky, and these seemingly small figures are sketched into each sky drawing.

Another series of works on paper are the aquatint etchings, Sea Paintings. They are based on a drawings of the pattern of waves over time, as observed from the cliffs beside the Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland. They are available individually and also accompany poems by Gary Michael Dault, printed by a traditional letter press and compiled, with the etchings in a loose-leafed book named Sea Pictures. There are 10 poems and 10 etchings in each book, with 10 books in total.