INTO PLACE: Laurier 2012

Robert Langen Gallery, Wilfred Laurier University. Curated by Suzanne Luke.

Lines of questioning converge in my art practice: queries regarding the nature of reality and its projection into and onto us, how we create our realities – our stories, our connection to the physical world and the place of painting within this context. I am interested in ideas around our relationship to the physical and natural world, the human desire to connect and loveʼs role in the potential consummation of this longing. Might the perceived boundary or skin between the human and physical world be dissolved or made transparent by the energy of desire, by Eros, by love?

Can art address these questions in ways that include and go beyond representation and metaphor? Ideas in historical and contemporary art inspire my practice and I draw upon performance art and installation in combination with the language of abstraction, pop art and landscape painting to approach these questions. Contemporary digital technology and the perennial and ubiquitous kiss-mark are used to begin an inquiry.