Pearl Van Geest

Kiss Paintings

Various venues, including Art Gallery of Ontario's Massive Party, 2006.

Public collaborative Kiss Paintings Installations:

  • Love-In, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Culture Days, 2012.
  • AGO Massive Party, 2006
  • Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, 2002/2003
  • Love-In, 2003
  • Fool For Love, 2002. Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects

Gallery Exhibition of Kiss Paintings

  • Gallery Stratford, 2006

(Massive Party, AGO, April 6, 2006. #1, 2 and 3)
Pearl Van Geest

Repeatedly lipstick is applied, the canvas is kissed and a kiss mark/lip print is left behind resulting in a white canvases covered with different kiss marks. All the participants are creators of the Kiss Paintings, the lip stick colour and placement of each kiss and thus the final composition determined by those who leave their kiss mark on the canvas – the signature mark of the artist made completely overt. The kisses are sealed in and the signatures of those who created the Kiss Painting are affixed to the back of the canvas. Conceptual/process painting and performance art is combined with the language of abstraction and pop art.

The lipsticked lip print/kiss mark is familiar yet ambiguous. It speaks of contact, of desire and passion, of healing and of betrayal and of the messy business of relationships. Although used extensively for commercial purposes the kiss mark still resonates on a personal level, and is ultimately a symbol of love. Kiss marks have a remarkable morphological similarity to other biological forms yet each kiss mark is completely different. The canvas is covered as if with specimens in a Victorian entomological collection, the orderliness gone array like a butterflies loosened from their pins on a board.


AGO MASSIVE PARTY - Kiss Paintings

pearl to life

source: Toronto Life. Pearl Van Geest #9


web1.jpg (section)
Kiss Painting #1


Kiss painting
Kiss Painting #2

Kiss Painting
Kiss Painting #3

Close up
Kiss Painting Detail

back of painting
Signatures on backs


Pearl in front of Kiss Painting. Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2003. 

Recent Gallery Showings of Kiss Paintings

Gallery Stratford, 2006

South Wall installation, Gallery Stratford, 2006. Part of "Down the Garden Path."

LOVE-IN 2003

love in
Love-In Invitation